The Maschhoffs Honors Melissa Diericks with 2019 Core Values Award

The Maschhoffs Honors Melissa Diericks With 2019 Core Values Award ( The Maschhoffs )

The Maschhoffs 2019 Core Values winner is Farm Manager Melissa Diericks. This award, presented to one of The Maschhoffs team members each year,  recognizes the outstanding commitment of a single individual living the company’s Core Values in his/her daily actions. 

Diericks has gone above and beyond in her duties, which includes the management of two sow farms in the Louisville, Ill. area, says Dr. Scott Stehlik, General Manager of the Technical Operations Region. He adds that her farm’s production metrics are outstanding, which is a direct result of her leadership in teaching and training her team to provide excellent pig care. Just as important, her commitment to people is a shining example for the entire company.

“Melissa believes in training her team, allowing for individual ownership, and ensuring accountability to expectations,” Stehlik says. “She conducts monthly biosecurity and safety walks around her farm looking for gaps and opportunities to make the farm better and safer for people and pigs.”

Diericks has led a number of community outreach projects in the Louisville area.

“She has taken it upon herself to give back to the local community in a selfless manner that promotes team engagement and philanthropy,” Stehlik says. “She truly represents the Tech Ops’ philosophy of ‘People Caring About People.’ We are lucky to have her as a member of the Tech Ops team!”

President Dr. Bradley Wolter says, “Melissa’s actions and behaviors reinforce those Core Values each and every day,” Dr. Wolter notes. “Melissa is a passionate Farm Manager who is a phenomenal teacher and leader, not just for her team, but for the entire company.”

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