Man Has Beef with Waiter Who Failed to Serve Pork

( Farm Journal's PORK )

It’s a case of meat madness in Kerala, India, where a Raju’s Hotel customer attacked his waiter on Friday for serving beef instead of his actual order of pork.

According to The New Indian Express, Arun Sreedhar, owner of a computer firm in the city and a regular customer of Raju’s Hotel, became angry after his waiter served beef curry.

"The case was wrongly interpreted by the public. Arun went to the hotel to have pork and tapioca. He was allergic to beef. But Sonu Tomy, the supplier, accidentally served beef instead of pork. This infuriated Arun, who threw the curry on to the face of Tomy and thereby resulted in successive assaults," said Ajith Kumar, head constable at the Vazhakkulam police station.

But never fear, the beef has cooled, and both parties have reached a compromise, the article said. However, because it was a public assault, the police had to take action. Both parties have filed a case against each other, Kumar said. 

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