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Episode 1: Don’t Take Your Eyes Off of African Swine Fever

Listen to some of the nation’s top swine experts to explore the current state of ASF, what we’ve learned from COVID-19 that producers can apply and more.

Check out these highlights: 

At 5:40 Gordon Spronk, DVM, with Pipestone Veterinary Services, says, “In the case of the foreign animal disease, it's going to be very important that you know your state veterinarian because they will have the local authority of the interventions that would take place at the state level.”
At 18:55, National Pork Producers Council chief veterinarian Liz Wagstrom, says, “To be valuable to the U.S., we need a vaccine that prevents infection, not just reduces disease. It's got to not shed. A virus vaccine can't be shedding anything that could then not be determined if it was from vaccine versus infection. And we need a differential blood test. So any of you who lived through pseudorabies remember we used to do blood testing, you could tell if an animal had a pseudorabies antibody from either vaccination versus infection. And so while the candidates are promising none of them that we've seen, probably fit all three of those criteria.”

At 24:35, National Pork Board director of swine health programs Patrick Webb says, “So what did we learn from COVID-19 related to African swine fever? Well, if you look at our national veterinary stockpile, it was short on the equipment that the U.S. pork industry would need to do any type of high throughput euthanasia or depopulation. So that's something that we're working cooperatively to try to fix.”

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