Kroger Says Plant-Based Foods Among Food Trends For 2019

Kroger named eating styles as a food trend for 2019. ( The Kroger Co. )

A team of product developers, chefs and innovators at The Kroger Co. predict plant-based foods will be among the top five food trends in 2019. Here’s a look at five food trends gaining traction in the year ahead.

1.  Regional Flavors 
Consumers will see a growing number of products in stores influenced by local, regional and global tastes.

2.  Plant-Based Foods
A growing number of options are available for consumers looking for plant-based foods. Last year, 31% of consumers participated in meat-free days once per week, according to Mintel research cited by Kroger. 

3. Eating Styles
Kroger named eating styles as a trend, citing the various diets and lifestyles consumers are adopting in pursuit of improved health and wellness. Currently, 15% of U.S. consumers identify as vegetarian or vegan, a Mintel study reported.

4. Gut-Healthy Foods
Consumers are seeking foods that support self-care and healthy immune systems such as products rich in probiotics, Kroger said. 

5. Low Sugar and Natural Sweeteners
Many consumers are motivated to reduce or eliminate sugar and/or consume alternate natural sweeteners. Mintel research cited by Kroger says 47 percent of consumers say they are working to minimize their sugar intake. 

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