It’s All About the Hogs and Kisses This Week  

( Alison Fulton, Farm Journal's PORK )

In addition to serving up bacon bouquets and pork tenderloin with Béarnaise sauce, have you considered the importance of the spoken word this Valentine’s Day? 

According to Gary Chapman in his book, “The Five Love Languages,” one of the five ways that people speak and understand emotional love is through words of affirmation – expressing affection through spoken affection, praise or appreciation.

If your pig-loving significant other is motivated by words, here are a few one-liners to express your love and inspire your valentine creations for this Thursday. 

1.    You had me at bacon.

Had me at Bacon

2.    You make me squeal!

You make me squeal

3.    I’m your piggest love.

Piggest Love

4.    Don’t go bacon my heart!

Don't go Bacon My Heart

5.    Love is cuddles, snuggles, oink oink.

Cuddles Snuggles oink

6.    This little piggy is hog wild about you.

This Little Piggy

7.    Get out your pan, and let’s start sizzling! 

Pan Sizzling

8.    You hog my heart.

Hog My Heart

9.    I love you sow much.

Love You Sow Much

10.    I’m in hog heaven when you’re around.

Hog Heaven

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