Inside PORK 101: Learning the Ins and Outs of Pork Production

What's it take to go from pig to plate? PORK 101 course offers a unique perspective at universities across the country. ( Jennifer Shike )

From chefs to accountants to human resource managers, a variety of career paths converge into the swine industry but have little to do with the pig itself on a daily basis.

Enter PORK 101. This exciting “course” provides participants the opportunity to gain a broad perspective and hands-on experience during an immersive course at cooperating universities across the country. The University of Illinois in Urbana, Ill., hosted PORK 101 in October. The program is hosted by the American Meat Science Association (AMSA) in cooperation with the National Pork Board and sponsored by Merck Animal Health.

Dustin Boler, associate professor of meat science at the University of Illinois, says, “We hope participants walk away with a deeper appreciation for the effort required to produce pork on a daily basis.”

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