How African Swine Fever Spreads

Researchers continue to study African Swine Fever to gain a better understanding of how it spreads. ( Farm Journal )


Determining the Risk of African Swine Fever in Vitamins
May 07, 2019 by Jennifer Shike
Pork industry leaders gather to discuss risk of African swine fever transport and transmission through vitamins.

Research on Viral Transmission in Feedstuffs Yields New Information
May 07, 2019 by National Pork Board
With research confirming that swine viruses can be transmitted through feed and feedstuffs, new studies are looking at how to prevent the spread of foreign animal diseases.

Research Proves African Swine Fever Can Spread to Pigs Through Feed
Feb 14, 2019 by Jennifer Shike
A new Kansas State University study looks at how the current outbreak of African swine fever in China and Europe could be spreading through feed and feed ingredients. 

Wild Boar Sightings: Anything but a Sign of Good Fortune
Feb 05, 2019 by Jennifer Shike
Wild boars are often seen as a symbol of good fortune in China, especially with the Chinese Lunar Year of the Pig Tuesday. Increased sightings of wild boars in Hong Kong, however, signal anything but “luck” to me.

American Feed Industry Association Takes Vigilant Biosecurity Stance
Feb 01, 2019 by Jennifer Shike
With increasing foreign animal disease pressure and recent outbreaks of African swine fever, the American Feed Industry Association has released an updated version of its biosecurity guidelines. 

Stop Swill Feeding to Prevent African Swine Fever in the U.S.
Jan 25, 2019 by Jennifer Shike
Recycling food waste is a noble concept, but experts say it’s not worth the economic and environmental cost if an African swine fever outbreak occurs. 

Can Feed Additives Reduce Viral Contamination of Feed?
Jan 11, 2019 by Jennifer Shike
New research from Dr. Diego Diel and Dr. Scott Dee and sponsored by the Swine Health Information Center shows that specific feed additives have the potential to reduce viral contamination levels in feed.

China Ramps Up Slaughter Regulations to Control African Swine Fever
Jan 03, 2019 by Jennifer Shike
Slaughterhouses in China will need to run African swine fever (ASF) virus tests for pig products before selling them to the market.

African Swine Fever Virus Discovered in Animal Feed Products in China
Dec 26, 2018 by Jennifer Shike
African swine fever (ASF) virus has been detected in some protein powders made using pork blood and manufactured by a Tianjin-based company, the General Administration of Customs said in a statement on Tuesday.

Deadly Terrorist Threatens the Lone Star State’s Domestic Pig Herd
Dec 14, 2018 by Jennifer Shike
One of the most deadly enemies in Texas – the wild pig – is sparking fear as threats of African swine fever hitting U.S. soil dance across the headlines. 

FAD Transmission Risk Is Greater with Garbage Feeding
Nov 06, 2018 by National Pork Board
Despite many advancements in the industry’s focus on disease risk mitigation, 28 states still allow some type of garbage feeding to swine, increasing the risk of foreign animal disease (FAD) transmission.

Wild, Feral Hogs Infected by African Swine Fever Rise to 32 in Belgium
Oct 08, 2018 by Sara Brown
Since the first case was reported on Sept. 13, Belgium has implemented numerous measures to contain the ASF outbreak in the region of Etalle, isolating a 240-sq.-mile zone.