On Heels of WPX Cancellation, PETA Plans Billboard Near Iowa State Fairgrounds

After the cancellation of the World Pork Expo, PETA plans to display a new billboard, with a anti-pork production message, near the Iowa State Fairgrounds. ( )

When the National Pork Producers Council canceled the 2019 World Pork Expo out of an “abundance of caution” for animal health due to international cases of African swine fever, many hog producers breathed a small sigh of relief that animal health was taking priority. Now, another threat is coming to Des Moines.

PETA plans to place a billboard near the Iowa State Fairgrounds that says, “All Beings Bleed the Same.” The ad shows a concrete room with what is intended to be blood and pig carcasses. A man is poised to strike a pig—that has an illustration of a dog superimposed over the pig.

While the billboard is targeted to the U.S. audience, the ad campaign was created by PETA Germany and advertising agency DDB Prague, using images from animal rights photographer Tras los Muros.

"When it comes to feeling pain and fear, a pig is no different from a dog, a cat, or a human being," says Ingrid Newkirk, PETA president, in a press release. "PETA's billboard suggests that we must recognize that we're all the same in all the ways that matter and that the kindest thing that we can do for pigs is keep them off our plates."  

The illustration of the dog over the pig is intended to illustrate that “pigs are routinely abused in horrific ways that would be illegal if the victims were dogs or cats,” the release says.

While the billboard will be missed by World Pork Expo’s huge influx of visitors, the presence will still be felt by the 1,400 exhibitors, including many 4-H and FFA students, who are entered for The Exposition live hog show, to be held on June 2-8. The event, normally held during Expo, is sponsored by National Swine Registry, Certified Pedigreed Swine and the American Berkshire Association. More than 4,600 pigs are expected to be at the event.


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