Hagedorn Introduces Direct Pork Assistance Package Act

( National Pork Board and the Pork Checkoff )

Minnesota Rep. Jim Hagedorn, a member of the House Committee on Agriculture, introduced the “Direct Pork Assistance Package Act” on Wednesday. This legislation would provide an additional $5 billion to the USDA Office of the Secretary to mitigate losses incurred by livestock farmers due to COVID-19. 

"Our pork producers in southern Minnesota and across the nation have been devastated with reduced demand, depressed futures markets, and packing plant disruptions and closures,” Hagedorn said in a release. “My priority is to support our family farmers, who are suffering financially and otherwise through no fault of their own.”

Hagedorn’s bill directs support payments to pork producers who have sold into an artificially depressed market and suffered losses due to restaurant closures, processing disruptions and other factors related to COVID-19, the release said. 

“My legislation will stabilize much of the livestock industry, help independent pork producers maintain operations, support our rural southern Minnesota economy and ensure that our American food supply remains robust,” Hagedorn said in the release. 

In late May, Hagedorn introduced “Livestock Producer Assistance for COVID-19 Damages Act” to provide indemnity payments for farmers and producers unable to market livestock due to packing plant closures or reduced operations beginning on April 19.

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