Hagedorn Asks Perdue to Stop Meat Processing Discrimination

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It’s time to address the emerging disparity in processing market-ready hogs and make sure independent farmers are being treated fairly, Minnesota Rep. Jim Hagedorn said in a letter to USDA Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue on Friday.

"COVID-19 has inflicted unprecedented losses to the livestock sector, which has irreparably impacted countless producers and family farmers in Minnesota and throughout the nation. Many independent pork farmers are responsible for all input costs, putting them at grave financial risk if animals are not processed on-time,” Hagedorn wrote. 

Hagedorn said in a statement on Monday he plans to utilize his position on the House Agriculture Committee and its Subcommittee on Livestock to fight for agriculture and the interests of southern Minnesota’s producers. 

“I will never allow large foreign-owned companies or any other entities to get away with discriminatory practices and gain an advantage over our local family farmers,” he wrote. 

U.S. agriculture provides an abundant array of quality products at affordable prices for the American people. Maintaining the U.S. food supply is a national security issue, Hagedorn added.

Watch Hagedorn on video here

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