Grants Awarded to 28 Farmers in 19 States

The Food Animal Concerns Trust awards grants for outside operations like this one. ( )

The Food Animal Concerns Trust (FACT), a national nonprofit that promotes "the safe and humane production of meat, milk, and eggs," recently awarded more than $66,000 in Fund-a-Farmer Grants to 28 independent family farmers in 19 states across the country, the group reported in a news release. The grants range from $374 to $2,500, and were awarded for projects "that improve farm animal welfare, with farmers increasing the environmental and financial sustainability of their operations," the release said. The grants are designed to help farmers "expand the welfare of animals raised on their operations, ultimately increasing the number of farm animals that are raised humanely," FACT reports.

According to the group, FACT offers two types of Fund-a-Farmer Grants; one type is focused on farm improvements that result in successful animal welfare certification, and the other is designed to help improve and expand pasture-based farming.

It reports that for the second year, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) is underwriting the Animal Welfare Certification Grants to "enable farmers to attain animal welfare certification from Animal Welfare Approved, Certified Humane, or Global Animal Partnership (GAP)."

“The ASPCA is proud to fund another year of FACT’s Animal Welfare Certification Grants as we work together to create a more humane and transparent food system,” said Kara Shannon, senior manager of farm animal welfare at the ASPCA, in the release. “It's been inspiring to see so many farmers across the country using FACT grants to fund welfare certification projects that improve the lives of the animals they raise and meet the demand of consumers who increasingly care about how farm animals are raised."

The 28 grants FACT awarded included 18 Pasture Improvement Grants and 10 Animal Welfare Certification Grants. The group says it has now cumulatively awarded 119 grants to deserving family farmers across 31 states.

For more information on FACT’s Fund-a-Farmer Grants and other services, visit FACT also offers free webinars, scholarships, mentorship, and an online farmer forum as part of its services.