Give weak, newborn piglets a powerful energy boost

Brookside Agra has developed a fast-acting, all-natural nutrient supplement that gives weak, newborn piglets a much needed energy boost and a chance at survival.   

Given right after birth to weak, cold piglets with a birth weight below 1,000 grams, liquid PiggyLift helps reduce mortality in large litters, prevents weak piglets from starving and provides small piglets with the energy boost they need to find and secure a teat for suckling. PiggyLift is particularly efficient in herds diagnosed with Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) virus.

"We have witnessed first-hand the rejuvenating effects that our new, all-natural PiggyLift has on weak piglets that would otherwise perish as a result of their condition. This gives them a quick boost of nutrients to put them on the right track to health and growth," said Chad Vaninger, Brookside Agra general manager. "Of course providing all-natural products that improve animal performance with no harmful side effects is at the forefront of what Brookside Agra does."

PiggyLift is formulated with all-natural ingredients including vitamins A, D, E, alfa-tocopherol, sodium selenite,  vegetable fat, de-mineralized water, egg powder and colostrum  powder.

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