A Gift From Chef Jim Murray: Bourbon Bacon Pig Butter

Add this to your next grilled pork chop! ( Alison Fulton; Recipe: Jim Murray )

Chef Jim Murray of the National Pork Board is all about creating new menus to showcase the unique flavor of pork in every dish.

The recently named Worldchefs Certified Executive Chef, Murray’s job is to watch future food trends to look for ways to help farmers who invest in the Pork Checkoff to create opportunities to sell more pork.

“The farmers are the rock stars,” Murray says. “People want to make a connection with how their food is grown. When farmers talk with consumers and passionately explain what they do and how they care for pigs, it’s a powerful story that can’t be beat.”

When we caught up with Murray earlier this year, we couldn’t resist asking for the inside track on a new recipe—and he delivered!

Bourbon Bacon Pig Butter is what you need to take your barbeques to the culinary extreme this summer. It’s great on grilled pork chops, vegetables and more. Enjoy!

Download a PDF here

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