Gas Explosion at Seaboard Foods Plant Under Investigation

An explosion causes a plant shut down on Wednesday at Seaboard Foods in Guymon, Okla. ( Photo: Public Radio Tulsa )

An investigation is underway after an explosion of a Seaboard Foods natural gas compressor station in Guyman, Okla. on Tuesday, reports CBS News Channel 10.

“Seaboard Foods reports that emergency protocols and procedures were followed, and local emergency responders were called to the scene,” said the report.

The compressor is located behind the Guymon pork processing plant, but is not part of the plant, said Seaboard in an alert to the community. The pork plant processes more than 5 million market hogs annually, Seaboard states on its website.

No one was injured in the explosion, but it damaged the compressor station and caused power outages in the area. No damage was caused to the neighboring pork processing and biodiesel plants, Seaboard reported, however a Seaboard spokesman told Meatingplace that “the explosion prompted an electrical safety breaker to trip, and the plant is not operating today [Wednesday] while repairs are made to electrical lines and equipment that supply power to the facility.”

The facility processes 5.6 million market hogs annually, and employs 2,500 people, according to Seaboard’s website.

The cause of the explosion remains under investigation.



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Submitted by Kevinjhone on Sat, 04/14/2018 - 01:56

Austin and Kelly each threw punches in the ensuing philadelphia phillies jersers blue ervin santana authentic jersers fracas, prompting their ejections.
Yankees third-base coach Phil Nevin and reliever Tommy Kahnle were also tossed; Nevin said that he had been jawing at the Red Sox's dugout, while Kahnle blue ervin santana authentic jersers said he was incensed after having been pushed by an umpire.
Kelly claimed the pitch had been an inside fastball that got away.
He left the field with his uniform jersey torn and spots of blood on his neck, while Austin sported a bloody lip.
"I was ready to defend myself," said Kelly.wholesale baseball jersers
"Someone comes in my property in my backyard? I have two dogs.
Ready to come on my property and I'm being attacked, then I'm ready to defend myself."
Aaron Judge had sprinted to the center of the pile, where he attempted to play peacemaker, pulling Kelly off Austin.
"I saw Kelly was on top of Tyler after he tried to tackle him, so my job was just to get Kelly up atlanta braves jersers and get him off," Judge said.
"No one ever likes getting hit with 98 to the back.
Everybody was pretty upset about it."
Cameras also captured Austin landing a punch on the head of Red Sox third-base coach Carlos Febles.
Austin acknowledged that he had thrown punches.
"I'm just trying to defend myself, man.
That's all that was," Austin said.
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"I probably said something I shouldn't have to start the whole thing," Holt said.
"I'm sorry for that.
I just wanted him to know it was a bad slide.
I think everyone on the field knows that it was."
Replays showed that Austin miami marlins jersers had his left foot pointing up as he slid into Holt's right foot, with third baseman Rafael Devers having fielded Wade's bunt swiftly.
Holt said that his right calf was sliced by Austin's spikes, but Austin maintained that it was a fine play.
"I felt like my slide into second base was a clean slide," Austin said.
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I thought there was absolutely nothing wrong with that slide.
I had no thought that they were going to throw at me."
That situation was diffused quickly.
Heath Hembree struck out Austin in the fifth inning, and with the Yankees leading by four runs, Kelly opened their seventh-inning showdown with a slider that went for a chicago white sox jersers swinging strike.
"You don't need to drill him for that [slide]," Giancarlo Stanton said, "and if you're going to do it, do it on the first pitch."
The next pitch was a high and inside fastball, and Austin said he considered that it had been a purpose pitch.
"After that pitch, it had crossed my mind, but I thought it was over after that," Austin said.
"He missed with the first one.
Once that happens, it's kind of over."
Kelly followed with a slider that missed the strike zone, and Austin was plunked by the 2-1 offering, discarding his batting helmet and tumbling toward Kelly onto the infield grass.
"The kid that charged the mound, he had his reasons," Red Sox manager Alex Cora said.
"But if you take a look at the game, we're coming back and we're short on pitching.
I don't know.
You've just got to kansas city royals jersers pay attention to the game and you judge by yourself."

Submitted by George Meredith MD on Sun, 06/17/2018 - 09:45

TOPEKA —Topeka Capital Journal ......" A regulatory board suspended a Great Bend doctor's license and questioned his conduct Wednesday, but he said the state is trying to punish him for his political views.

The State Board of Healing Arts said Dr. George Meredith had been negligent and had violated a patient's privacy. (turned out to be a Clinton bribed witess) Meredith is an ear, nose and throat specialist who also has offices in Wichita and Kansas City.

The board described its order as temporary and would remain in effect until it finishes disciplinary proceedings. It scheduled a hearing in Meredith's case for Aug. 2.

Temporary suspensions of doctors' licenses are uncommon, but the board said it concluded that allowing Meredith to practice "constitutes an imminent danger to the public health and safety."

Meredith said he has not been negligent in his practice and in fact raised questions about the deaths of other physicians' patients.

He also attributed the board's action to his opposition to corporate hog farming. He fought plans by Seaboard Farms Inc. to establish a processing plant near Great Bend and set up an anti-hog farming Internet site.

Meredith contends that Gov. Bill Graves and Atty. Gen. Carla Stovall are Seaboard allies and that the board's action is the latest in a string of attempts by government agencies to harass him. Last year, Seaboard announced plans to put its plant near Elwood, in northeast Kansas. The company has since decided not to build the plant.

"This is like punishing the whistleblowers," he said during a telephone interview. "I've been fighting these people for a long time."

The board opened a case against Meredith last year, but decided against a temporary suspension of his licenses. Later, new circumstances came to the board's attention, said Executive Director Larry Buening. Buening said the board temporarily suspends a license only a few times each year.

"It's all political," Meredith said. "I've been criticizing Graves and Stovall and their relationships with Seaboard.

Postscript: All four attorneys on the KBHA....Lawerence Bueing, Mark Stafford, Kelli Benintendi and Diane Bellquist.... were subsequently fired by the Kansas Legislature for multiple corrupt acts. Years later, Benintendi was rehired. And Seaboard Foods is currently under investigation by the Treasury Department and the DEA for Narcotics trafficking and treason. Operation Cassandra. Search: Seaboard Foods + Hezbollah + WSJ.

Is this a great country or what?

George Meredith MD