Food Animal Vets: We Need You

Needed: Food Animal Veterinarians
( National Pork Board and the Pork Checkoff )

Donald Ritter, DVM, a veterinarian with Mountaire Farms, has been a food animal veterinarian for 35 years. His advice for young people? It’s a great career that puts you at the forefront of technology.   

“It’s been an exciting, challenging, rewarding career,” Ritter says. “Technology is changing so fast. You’re reading now about gene-edited animals, about vector vaccines, subunit vaccines (inactivated whole-cell vaccines that do not contain live components of the pathogen).” 

There’s so much progress occurring, and he encourages young veterinarians to pursue a career in food animal medicine and to look to help provide solutions for our future.

“If we can use some of these technologies then our reliance on antibiotics are going to be less,” Ritter says. “Some of these technologies may improve the welfare of the animals.” 

It’s an exciting field, he says. “We always need smart, motivated, hardworking folks to join the food animal veterinarian group.”

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