Is foam present in your finishing barn manure pit?

As we enter into late summer/early fall, pit pumping will be top of mind. If you have foam, here is a resource with best safety management practices.

Before soaking/power washing your barn, removing the manure or completing repair activities using welders and/or grinders please perform these precautionary measures. Any of these activities will break-up foam and release explosive levels of methane.

Don't begin any of the above activities until the following two steps have been completed:

  1. Ventilate the barn (see *Ventilation Strategies below for both solid wall and curtain sided barns)
  2. Turn all ignition sources OFF (i.e. pilot lights, any repair work, smoking)

Only personnel doing the activity (power washing or repair work) should be inside the barn. If the manure pit is being pumped than absolutely NOBODY should be inside the building.

Figure 1: Ventilation Strategies - 1000/1200-hd Finisher Rooms