Feed Buyers, Don't Count on Cheap Corn Forever

End Users and Grain

Livestock feeders, opposite their grain growing brethren, have enjoyed several years of lower corn prices. Brian Doherty Stewart-Peterson tells Clinton Griffiths on AgDay TV that could be changing as demand increases.

"The world's supply of corn is diminishing," says Doherty. "This will be the first year in eight years that the world demand will outstrip world supply."

He says the picture has been changing over the last couple of years even as the U.S. grows record crops. 

"You've got a cheap supply that's readily available and that may not always be the case," says Doherty. "There are things bubbling under the surface that could have a real significant impact on the price of corn."

He says the biggest unknown being weather in 2018. 

"If I'm an end user the last thing you need to do is find out the price of corn has gone up $.50 or $1.50," says Doherty. "It's really easy to get complacent and think the price is going to stay here forever."

To hear his recommendations for feed buyers click on the video above.