FDA Approves New Paylean-Tylan Combination

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved a new combination use of Paylean and Tylan that gives pork producers increased flexibility in using the products in pigs weighing more than 240 pounds. Specifically, the new clearance allows the use of Paylean fed at 4.5 to 9 grams per ton in combination with Tylan Premix at 100 grams per ton.

This combination clearance allows producers to take advantage of well-known growth and carcass benefits of Paylean with the added flexibility to utilize Tylan to control ileitis caused by Lawsonia intracellularis during the final period before marketing. As before, Paylean must be fed in a complete diet with at least 16 percent crude protein for the last 45 to 90 pounds of gain prior to slaughter.

"Producers can now feed Tylan at 100 grams per ton, according to label directions, to address health issues while feeding Paylean," says Mike Van Koevering, DVM, Elanco swine technical services manager.

When fed at 100 grams per ton for three weeks, Tylan prevents and controls ileitis. When the Tylan-ileitis regimen is followed by Tylan at 40 grams per ton of feed until market, Tylan prevents swine dysentery.

"This new clearance offers producers and veterinarians a new way to improve late-finishing performance and profitability, while controlling ileitis outbreaks," says Van Koevering. "In addition, because both products have zero withdrawal prior to market, they work with Pork Quality Assurance guidelines."

Source: Elanco Animal Health



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