Farm Journal Live: Market Analysis with Chip Flory

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While the COVID-19 lockdown has made markets shaky for many ag commodities, wheat has enjoyed a surge in use.

"What we've been able to gather is that demand for bread and pasta consumption been at least 50% higher than this time last year, and we've also seen significant demand for all purpose flour just for at home use," said Josh Tonsager of the Nationsl Association of Wheat Growers. "We're gonna expect that that's going to continue for a while as well."

Tonsager takes a look behind that growth in wheat consumption in Monday's Farm Journal Live newscast.

U.S. wheat growers have also been able to take advantage of export restrictions put in place by other global suppliers, according to AgriTalk Radio's Chip Flory.

"We're proving once again that the US is a reliable supplier of milling quality wheat,"Flory said. "Hopefully, when this is all done, the countries that are stepping in and importing some US milling quality wheat are not going to forget that we were there when other countries were limiting the exports and the availability of the product coming out of their country."

For the full market analysis, watch Monday's Farm Journal Live in the player above.