Exclusive: Justin Moore On Agriculture, 4-H and #FarmON Concert

Justin Moore Clinton Interview Farm On Concert 080620

Many country kids and 4-H members are having an unusual summer because of COVID-19.  

Farm Journal, the National 4-H Council and top country music artists are teaming up for a virtual concert to do something extra special for them this summer. It’s a way to give back and support the work of inspiring youth!  

Farm Journal editor Clinton Griffiths talks with famous country music artist Justin Moore.  

“Me personally as an artist, if I have the opportunity to use my platform to help something out that I believe in, I’m always happy to do so and 4-H is one of those,” says Moore.  

Moore says he can relate to what these kids are going through, not just because of his upbringing but where he lives today. 

“I live in central Arkansas where I’m from,” says Moore. “I live in a really rural area. I live in a town of 300 people.” 

Moore says he sees what the kids experience as they can’t do what they normally do in the summer. 

“I see these kids and what 4-H means to them and beyond that,” says Moore. “I see the education that they receive and how it translates to them doing it as a profession, or at least a number of them." 

Click on the link to hear the whole interview.  

You can sign up for the Farm Journal #FarmON Concert which will benefit 4-H. Stars include Justin Moore and Lee Brice. The event is free Thursday, August 27 at the end of the Farm Journal Field Days.

Also, the annual Pro Farmer Crop Tour is right around the corner. It will also be virtual and free this year. You may sign up for that here.