Excess Rain Delays Harvest In Some States

This past week harvest screamed to a halt in parts of the Midwest as severe weather and flooding from tropical storm Florence made it impossible to get in fields. Some of the more severe areas received between 6” and 10” of rain.

Farmers are 16% harvested on corn and 14% on soybeans as of today’s USDA Crop Progress report. While farmers in states affected by the rains are well-below average, other states are making up for it and putting the U.S. ahead by six percentage points over last year in soybeans and corn.



“This amount of rainfall, this widespread, is not what I would call normal,” said Michael Clark, BAMWX.com meteorologist told AgriTalk Host Chip Flory this past week. “In fact, when you look at the percent of normal precipitation forecast over the next 10 days the majority of the grain belt is averaging 350% of the normal.”

The end is in sight, however. Colder weather in the next 10 days will bring with it drier conditions. But, expect a colder-than-normal October with the chance for precipitation in the second week, Clark added.