Eric Beenken's Insight on the Pork Industry

( Farm Journal )

By Paul Neiffer

In our continuing Ag Insight video series, Eric Beenken and I discuss the Pork Industry.  Eric is in charge of our swine section of our Agribusiness and Cooperatives practice.

Eric shares some of the supply trends that the pork industry is facing due to COVID-19.  We also discuss some of the financial and operational items that pork producers should be keying in on now.

This is a start of a new series that Eric and I will be doing on the pork industry.

Here is a link to the video.

On a personal note, I spent the day teaching Farm Taxes and FSA planning in Manchester, Iowa today and then drove to Cedar Rapids, Iowa to teach tomorrow.  There is certainly a lot of devastation in this year, but it appears the community is pulling together to get back to "normal."

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