Down on the Farm: Halloween Costumes You Won't Forget

( Ryan Chan/Photo provided by Barbie Ford )

Halloween: an opportunity for parents to squish their adorable children into itchy, feathery, sequin-filled works of art in an attempt to capture that perfect moment and share it on their social media feeds. Oh, the joy of deciding exactly what to wear for this momentous annual occasion! Maybe it’s because I’m a farm kid at heart, but I think the best costume ideas come straight from the farm. And from the looks of pictures sent in by our readers, you do, too.   

Just in case you are still looking for that perfect costume for Halloween (or just enjoy cute kids on Halloween), here are some farm-friendly ideas shared by our readers.  

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Photos provided by:

Cindy Anderson
Gretchen Pein Baloun
Michelle Caldwell
Anna Dilger
Kelly Estes
Barbie Ford
Alissa Fosdick
Kate Goodson
Lenzi Holmes
Katrina Huffstutler
Katie Humphreys
Aimee Inskeep
Katelyn Jones Hamlow
Krista Kuipers
Jessica Patzwith
Ashley Pendley
Lynsee Pullen
Gary Rodgers
Jennifer Smith
Emily Spray 
Traci Stierwalt
Nicole Strand
Emily Thomas
Kimberly Wolter

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