Don’t Go Bacon My Heart: 10 Ways to Express Your Love

( Alison Fulton, Farm Journal )

Bacon is always a way to my heart, whether it’s in the form of bacon bouquets, Bourbon bacon cookies or perhaps my favorite form, straight on my plate.

“Bacon is a perfect product created a long time ago that everyone has tried and has been a staple of people’s diets,” says Chef Peter Sherman, owner of BarBacon, a New York City gastropub centered around the popular treat. “Bacon really connects with history and nostalgia.”

If you can’t pull off a bacon masterpiece this Valentine’s Day, try one of these 10 one-liners to express your love this week. 

1.    You had me at bacon.

2.    You make me squeal!

3.    I’m your piggest love.

4.    This little piggy is hog wild about you.

5.    Don’t go bacon my heart!

6.    Love is cuddles, snuggles, oink oink.

7.    Get out your pan, and let’s start sizzling! 

8.    You hog my heart.

9.    I love you sow much.

10.    I’m in hog heaven when you’re around.

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