Dont Be Blah

That"s the new tagline to the National Pork Board"s Pork. The Other White Meat advertising program. Unveiled at last week"s Pork Forum, this marks the fist major change to the 17-year-old campaign. The goal of the new approach is to establish pork as an everyday meal solution that has excitement, great taste, variety and convenience.

"We conducted extensive consumer research," says NPB president Dave Culbertson, "and found that even though Pork. The Other White Meat did a fabulous job of positioning pork as a healthy protein source, it just wasn"t connecting the way we thought it should with today"s consumers."

The campaign is designed to connect with urban female consumers 25 to 49 years old whose lifestyle can be described as modern, hectic and family centered.

The plan is to build on the success of Pork. The Other White Meat, which is one of the top-five most-recognized slogans, according to research. Nine in 10 consumers readily recognize the slogan.

"Today"s family cooks want to serve memorable meals to their families, but most of them find themselves stuck in the rut of meatloaf, macaroni and cheese, chicken surprise and other old standbys," notes Culbertson. "We also found that most of these family cooks don"t have pork on the top of their mind when they go to the grocery store. Our Don"t be blah. message is designed to change all of that. It will help to show consumers how to make pork part of everyday life and how pork can be used to prepare meals that aren"t the same old ‘blah.""

To learn more about the new campaign, go to:

National Pork Board



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