Do you know how your Checkoff dollars are being spent?

The National Pork Board puts out a new and quirky video series to grab consumers' attention

Ceci Snyder with the National Pork Board says there is plenty of meat on the market but pork could see some slow expansion over the next few years. With new packing plants going up over the next two years, the industry is trying to set the stage for the demand for pork—both domestic and exports.

With this slow expansion in mind, and the need to keep that demand growing, the Pork Board is working to grab

consumers' attention and entice them to throw some pork on the grill this summer.

Snyder mentions checkoff revenues are down, but goes on to say, "whatever we have, we're going to make the most of it."

The Pork Board is focusing on a digital-heavy strategy to make the most of their budget. They've had success with YouTube videos in the past and are

rolling out an entire series called "The Grill," which features talking grills voiced by comedians David Koechner and Angélica Vale.

They're a little quirky, Snyder warns, but they are meant to get people's attention without straying from the main message—eat pork.

Listen to the full interview:

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