Discover True Talent: Top 5 Hire Power Stories of 2018

Are you scaring candidates away?
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Ready to implement new ideas in your HR program? Interested in helping your employees reach their next level of success? Take a look at the top five "Hire Power" stories in Farm Journal's PORK from Troy Van Hauen, CEO, Accelerated Performance Technicians, in 2018. Van Hauen brings to the table intimate knowledge, as well as leadership tools and experience that executive-level and front-line supervisors have come to depend on.

1. The Secret Employment Challenge
It’s exciting to invest your time into a program that not only focuses on yearly results but also expands your people’s scope, capabilities and capacity. But industry leaders want to know:
1.  How do you define talent management?
2.  What kind of objectives should we strive for when building our talent management program?
3.  What should it do?
4.  Should we focus on “High Potentials” or “High Performers”?
5.  How do we evaluate them?

2. Hire Quick-On-Their-Feet Learners
All organizations would like to have people who eagerly learn new skills in response to tough, ever-changing circumstances, so how can you identify these candidates without breaking the bank? There certainly are many tools available to businesses that would help measure an individual’s ability to learn. However, you can use the interview to shed some light on the candidate’s capability to learn quickly by asking the correct questions. This neither costs more money nor additional time invested in your interview process. 

3. Discovering Management Material
How do you know if you’ve found the right applicant for the job? Recently, a customer challenged me to develop a “quick hit” set of interview questions his hiring manager could use in the field. His core quest—to discover whether or not the applicant would be competent. Establish the characteristics necessary to fulfill the job, then formulate questions around them. 

4. Look Through a Different Lens
Over my many years as a human resource leader, I’ve noted a common recurring flaw many hiring leaders consistently make: they lack the ability to understand the perspective and values of the candidate they’re interviewing. There’s a serious shortage of employees in the current talent pool, and stiff competition exists for the top candidates we so desperately seek. If you believe you’re going to hire someone just like you with the same beliefs, you might have already eliminated some of the top available talent.

5. Use This Power Tool for Immediate Feedback
Many readers have reached out asking for another straightforward apparatus that can be used for gathering and relaying feedback. While many tools come to mind, I have chosen an old, yet effective one. The Start, Stop and Continue model (SSC) serves as a quick and clean way to look at service improvement. It can also be used as a technique to generate ideas, solve problems, and negotiate behavior changes between two groups, individuals, or departments. 

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