Disaster Aid Details to Be Released Soon, Possibly Next Week

Disaster Aid Coming Soon 090619
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Some places impacted by Hurricane Dorian are still waiting for disaster aid. It’s been three months since President Trump signed a bi-partisan disaster aid relief bill aiding victims of hurricanes, wildfires, and flooding.

Sources are telling AgDay the disaster aid package is passed and signed but sitting in the Office of Management and Budget. However, details about sign-ups are expected to be released potentially next week, possibly as soon as September 10.

Mike Naig, the Iowa Secretary of Agriculture telling AgDay he talked with Sonny Perdue last week.

“[Perdue] reported the package was at OMB (The Office of Management and Budget) for their approval,” said Naig. “He was hoping to have the package released publicly by, I think, September 10 is the date he used. So, they were really pushing to really get that out by mid-September.”