Day Two Crop Tour Photos Shows Hail and Drought Damage

While analysts are seeing many fields with high yield estimates across the country, they are also noticing some areas affected by summer drought and storms. Scroll down to take a look at what these researchers are finding.


Bryan Coffman shares this photo of some disappointing ears in Pulaski County Indiana.

Hail damage hit Platte County Nebraska hard with corn yielding 83.6 bushels per acre and soybeans only producing 270 pods in a 3x3 foot plot.

Mitch Wentzlaff analyzed some impressive corn and soybean fields in Indiana and Illinois. Here are his results.

“Fat little beans” were produced in several counties in Nebraska. This seems to be the common them despite some areas affected by hail.

According to Tyne Morgan, host of U.S. Farm Report, the beans were tall in McLean County, Illinois, and produced an average of 90 pods per plant

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