Danisco achieves FDA approval for cost-effective phytase for pigs

Following the launch of its patented bacterial phytase, Axtra PHY, to the poultry sector earlier this year, DuPont subsidiary Danisco Animal Nutrition has achieved FDA agreement for a highly cost-effective Axtra PHY lower dose level for swine (250 FTU/kg feed).

Axtra PHY offers cost-effective dosing through use of a strong set of matrix values which are, in turn, supported by numerous worldwide trials at different production stages (including weaned pigs and grower/finisher pigs). It is also more bio-efficacious than E.coli phytases. It offers:

  • Additional cost savings of about $1.08 per metric ton (about $0.98 per short ton) of pig feed through its ability to make available approximately 20 percent more phosphorus (P) and calcium (Ca) earlier in the digestive process
  • Availability of 10 percent more digestible energy to the pig through superior phytate degradation in the upper gut
  • Additional manure management cost savings.

Axtra PHY is available in liquid and dry-product forms. If a dry-product form is preferred, maximum performance and ease of use is ensured through its Thermo Protection Technology (TPT) granule, ensuring heat stability up to 203'F (95'C).  Axtra PHY benefits from strong support services, such as a FASTKit assay, which detects the presence of active Axtra PHY in feed and a new online service, Optimize Feed, which helps producers optimize diet formulations to ensure maximum cost savings.

Gwendolyn Jones, technical services manager at Danisco Animal Nutrition says, "Pig producers are facing tough times because of market and feed cost volatility, so anything that can save them buying more product than they need to achieve profitable results has to be good news. Axtra PHY is the most advanced phytase technology on the market and its cost effectiveness at low dose is backed with solid, evidence-based matrix values."

For more information on the product and how Danisco Animal Nutrition can improve producer profitability through enhanced animal performance, email: [email protected].