Crowning Achievement: Iowa Pork Queen Talks Viral Piglet Rescue

Gracie Greiner helps a sow give birth during the Iowa State Fair amidst a big crowd of fairgoers. ( Carli Grau, 2019 Iowa Pork Youth Ambassador. )

By Gracie Greiner

The Iowa State Fair has been one of my favorite events to attend as the Iowa Pork Queen. My experience during the state fair was like no other. Not only did I hand out ribbons at the swine show with Governor Reynolds and serve fairgoers at the Iowa Pork Tent, but most memorably, I helped a sow give birth in the animal learning center. 

Many were surprised when I pulled on the big glove with my crown still sitting on my head, but it was natural to me. It’s just what you do when you are a pork producer. If a sow is in trouble, you help her.

I grew up working on our family farm in Washington, Iowa, with my dad, which is why I am where I am today. I can always remember wanting to go chore with him any chance I could get. My brothers and I ran around the farm, found our favorite pig in the barns and rode in the feed truck with dad. I knew agriculture was something I wanted to pursue in the future.

Iowa pig farmers are some of the best in the world. We truly care about our animals day-in and day-out. The six “We Care” principles all pig farmers follow is just one sign of how high their standards are. 

That’s why the last thing I was thinking about at the Iowa State Fair was if I would get dirty or smelly. I was only thinking about the piglet and doing whatever I could to make sure I could get it out alive.  

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