Cowboy Troy Dishes Out “Porkchop” Comedy Song

October is the perfect time to release anything pork chop related—it’s National Pork Month after all. But American country rapper Cowboy Troy’s new song Porkchop, fun way to share your love of pork.

Cowboy Troy, known by his given name as Troy Lee Coleman III, currently travels with country superstars Big & Rich, and calls himself a Hick Hop innovator. But songs about meat—well that’s new.

Porkchop, as a song, started out as a comedy bit,” Cowboy Troy says. “A friend of mine and his family went out for dinner. My buddy ordered a pork chop. He just started singing ‘gimme that pork chop, pork chop, pork chop, pork chop...’ When he told me and another song-writing partner about it, the lyrics came together quickly. It was just funny.”

You can see Cowboy Troy’s love for cooking in his “Hick Hop” kitchen on Instagram with the hashtag #HickHopKitchen.

Also featuring the musical talents of Monro Brown, Porkchop was released earlier this year and is on Troy’s forthcoming spring 2018 album, Laugh With Me. You can also download the song here.