Corn Yield Results: A Story of the Haves and the Have Nots

Boots in the Field Report with Ken Ferrie ( Farm Journal )

Sometimes Mother Nature deals you a bad hand, and crop yields don’t turn out like you had planned for or hoped.


That’s the case in parts of northern Illinois, where farmers are seeing corn yields that range between 75 bu. and 150 bu. on average and have only 16% moisture. Much of that corn is along Interstate 80, says Ken Ferrie, Farm Journal Agronomist and owner of Illinois-based Crop-Tech Consulting.


“I know it’s discouraging, but I’m going to ask you guys to calibrate your combine monitors so we’re getting accurate information to base decisions on for next year,” Ferrie says in this week’s edition of Boots In The Field.


Soybeans are another story altogether. Ferrie says he wouldn’t be surprised if the crop is a record in the state this year.


Listen here for more of Ferrie’s report.