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Tonisity Adds Eisenhart to Tech Services Team

Eisenhart Tonisity

The team behind Tonisity Px, the first isotonic protein drink for pigs, announces that Mark Eisenhart, DVM, has joined its roster as technical services veterinarian, the company said in a news release.

With more than 20 years of experience in the agriculture and animal health industries, Eisenhart “demonstrates a passion for and commitment to finding solutions that help producers successfully tackle their animal health and production challenges,” the news release said.

“I am excited to incorporate my knowledge of swine production with the Tonisity business model,” Eisenhart said. “Tonisity Px has demonstrated impressive on-farm results, and I look forward to helping veterinarians and producers determine how it can fit into their operations to alleviate common production hurdles and ultimately advance pig performance.”  

Eisenhart most recently served as CEO for Spotlight Solutions, LLC, which provides commercial strategy, marketing and sales planning and training for U.S. and global animal health industries. He also was vice president of Adayana Consulting from 2011 to 2016. He is a 2000 graduate of the University of Illinois executive veterinary program for swine and received his doctorate in veterinary medicine from Kansas State University.

“Mark’s extensive knowledge and dedication to advancing the livestock production industry make him a perfect addition to Tonisity,” states Gloria Basse, non-executive director for Tonisity. “We know he will excel in providing research, education and support to our product team, as well as producers and their cooperating veterinarians.”

Topigs Norsvin Invests in New Central Test Station with CT Scan in Canada

Topigs Delta

Topigs Norsvin is investing CAD $15 million in a new testing facility in the Canadian province of Manitoba, announces the company. It said the new testing facility, Delta II, will test boars of the Z line (dam line) and Tempo (sire line). The new station in Canada has twice the capacity as the original Delta test station in Norway, where Norsvin Landrace and Norsvin Duroc are tested, the company said. Just like the station in Norway, Delta II is equipped with a CT scanner, and will become operational in summer 2018.

Delta II will be the central point of a new breeding structure in Canada. Each year, seven existing SPF nucleus farms will deliver young boars aged 4-6 weeks old to special isolation nurseries. Their health will be checked and they will be genotyped. The top 50% of animals (those with the highest genetic breeding values) will go on to further testing at Delta II, which is located about 30 km away from the nurseries. The new testing facility is equipped with IFIR stations to monitor individual feed intake of all boars during the test. The boars will be CT scanned.

Both the test station and the nurseries are constructed in areas with low pig density. Together with high biosecurity protocols on the farms, strict transportation rules, and high levels of health monitoring the highest health status is ensured, making it possible to export genetics (semen and boars) to almost every country in the world.

“This new test station will substantially increase the genetic progress in our Z line and Tempo. It is part of our strategy to double genetic progress in the next years. Besides improving the accuracy of our testing it will allow us to improve faster because we can shorten the generation interval,’ explains Chief Technical Officer Hans Olijslagers.

For more information on Topigs, contact Peter Loenen, telephone + 31 411 648846, email peter.loenen @



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