Company News: Purina, Diamond V and Cargill

Purina, Diamond V and Cargill share recent news with their customers and the industry. ( iStock )

Purina Reformulates UltraCare Nursery Feeds
To support feed intake and better pig performance at a lower price, Purina Animal Nutrition has reformulated UltraCare nursery feeds. The company also has added swine nursery feeds formulated without antibiotics or animal byproducts as an option to the feeds line, which is part of the wean-to-finish Progress to Profit Program, the company said in a news release.

“Our research shows end-of-nursery weights are the best predictor of finishing weights,” says Dan Moran, senior director, swine feed marketing at Purina Animal Nutrition. “We have worked to further develop nutrition to support nursery performance so you can get the best possible return on your investment.”

In a research study comparing the new intake-enhancing technology to the previous formula, pigs ate twice as much of the feed with the new palatant.

To capitalize on the benefits of enhanced intake, the feed formulation includes new ingredients that support better pig performance at a lower price point than previous UltraCare nursery feeds. Results showed a 4.1% improvement in average daily gain and a 2 lb. advantage a day 42 post-weaning, among other improvements.

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Diamond V at 75: Video Series Launched
Diamond V has launched "Diamond V at 75: Immune Strength for Life" -- a monthly video series that celebrates the company's history in the animal and feed industries and highlights its vision for the future.

"Over the past 75 years, Diamond V has developed science, technology, and technical services to build a global reputation as the trusted experts in nutrition and health," says Kevin Corizzo, program host, in a news release. In the first video of the series, Corizzo interviews Diamond V President Jeff Cannon.

"Back in 1943," Cannon said, "C.W. Bloomhall started Diamond V with a dream -- in his words, 'to help animals do better.' I doubt C.W. knew that he was laying the foundation for a global animal health company, but the fact that we’re here today – and thriving – is a tribute to his ingenuity and vision."

The "Diamond V at 75" video series will include on-site interviews with Diamond V experts at major industry events throughout 2018.

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Cargill Closes on Pro-Pet acquisition; Expands Texas Feed Mill
Cargill has closed on its agreement to acquire Pro-Pet, an Ohio-based manufacturer of private label and co-manufactured pet foods, including premium dog food brand Black Gold, according to a news release from the company. The deal, which was announced in early January, makes Cargill the only national supplier of both animal feed and pet food offerings in the agricultural retail space.

In acquiring Pro-Pet, Cargill is gaining three pet food manufacturing facilities in Owatonna, Minn.; St. Marys, Ohio; and Kansas City, Kan., and its portfolio of products, brands and customer and supplier relationships.

Pro-Pet provides Cargill with increased production capacity and proximity to existing agricultural retail customers to better meet their growth needs within pet food.

The company is also expanding capacity of a feed mill in Temple, Texas with a $32 million investment for new construction. Once fully operational in 2019, Cargill will add approximately 30 jobs to the facility.

“The acquisition of Pro-Pet, Southern States Cooperative’s animal feed business and the investment in our Temple, Texas facility demonstrates our continued commitment to growing our business to better serve our customers,” said Mark Lueking, U.S. managing director, Cargill Feed and Nutrition, in the release.

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