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Provimi Unveils Nurture Program
Provimi, a Cargill business, announced they have developed a new way of looking at nutrition to help producers get more healthy, live pigs through the nursery phase, setting them up for success all the way to market. Based on additional findings about the connection between diet and age, the Nurture™ program and accompanying technologies provide a research-based way of looking at nutrition for producers struggling with or looking to improve young pig performance, a company release said.

The program offers an improved approach to feeding pigs based on age. In addition to feeding pigs the right nutrients at the right time, the program’s featured technologies, LipoTec™ and Promote® AOX™ SD, have been shown to support healthy growth and optimized profitability, the release said. 

“A young pig’s digestive capability drastically changes between seven and 35 days of age,” said Matthew Ritter, PhD, swine technical director for Cargill’s Provimi business in North America. “Through industry-leading nursery trials at our global and local research facilities, our teams found new ways to design diets to match the pig’s changing needs. Weaning age is a huge factor in making these decisions.”

The Provimi Nurture program is available as a complete feed with options for bases and pacs. Additional customized offerings, including Nurture technologies, are also available. For pig flows facing additional health challenges, the program also offers Nurture Boost, which includes additional technologies to deliver nutrition for young pigs needing extra support.

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Elanco Announces Acquisition of Prevtec Microbia Swine Vaccine Company
Elanco Animal Health Incorporated announced the acquisition of Montreal-based Prevtec Microbia Inc. (Prevtec), a biotechnology startup specializing in the development of vaccines that help prevent bacterial diseases in food animals.

Prevtec is the maker of the Coliprotec® line of vaccine products designed to protect pigs against post-weaning diarrhea (PWD) and associated clinical signs caused by E. coli. The disease has a considerable effect on animal well-being and is a major cause of economic loss for swine operations, a company release said. 

Elanco was the exclusive distributor for Coliprotec in Canada and Europe. The transaction also brings Prevtec’s research and development programs to Elanco’s pipeline. By acquiring Prevtec and bringing the Coliprotec line into Elanco’s swine portfolio, Elanco will look to expand registration to other key geographies, the release said. 

In the past year, Elanco launched Prevacent™ PRRS vaccine and recently announced agreement with AgBiome to deliver innovative probiotic solutions to producers’ greatest gut health challenges. 

Under the terms of the agreement, Elanco acquired the company, including inventory and pipeline assets in an all-cash deal for approximately $59.9 million. The agreement also includes a contingent payment of up to approximately $16.4 million to the former Prevtec shareholders in Q1 2022, if certain sales milestones are achieved in 2021.

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Intervention and Prevail Disinfectants Test Highly Effective Against ASF 
Fears continue to rise around African swine fever (ASF), a highly contagious viral disease of domestic and wild pigs which currently has no treatment or vaccine. Virox Technologies, the creators of the patented technology Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide, recently conducted an independent efficacy test against the virus. 

Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide is found in the Intervention farm disinfectant, known as Intervención in Mexico, and Prevail disinfectants in Canada. According to a company release, the efficacy testing for both AHP disinfectants was undertaken by the European Reference Laboratory for African Swine Fever in Madrid, Spain. The tests were conducted in accordance with the EN 14675 test method, a protocol specific for testing the virucidal efficacy of chemical disinfectants for use in the veterinary field.  
Both Intervention and Prevail achieved complete inactivation of the ASF virus (>5.5 log of virus titer) at the respective recommended dilution rates of 1:64 and 1:40 with a 5 minutes contact time, the release said.  
The test method employed included the presence of high-level soiling, hard water and was conducted at room temperature in order to assess both Intervention and Prevail’s performance and suitability for use in real world ‘on-farm’ conditions.    

“We were confident both Intervention and Prevail would be effective against ASF, but having direct confirmation gives us and our customer’s reassurance,” said José A. Ramirez, Executive Vice President & Lead Science Advisor at Virox Technologies. “This study effectively enables a better solution, from the points of ease of use and application, toxicity to animals and workers, as well as lower impact on the environment and materials.”   

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