Company news: New Technology Aims to Improve Hog Health

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Alltech announces the new Alltech Rapiread app

This technology allows producers to use their mobile phones to submit mycotoxin tests and view results at the tap of the screen, whether on-farm or in the feed mill.

The app builds on the success of the collaboration with Neogen, Alltech’s technology partner for real-time mycotoxin testing, and the Neogen Raptor Integrated Analysis Platform, Alltech said in a release.

“Alltech Rapiread embraces new technologies and innovations to equip farmers and feed manufacturers with the ultimate protective tool for the threat of mycotoxins,” the company said.

Connecting modern hardware and technology across multiple devices, the app is a fully integrated rapid test platform that prioritizes profitability and production performance.

“By providing actionable advice backed by data, we can now help you make more informed decisions to mitigate the threat from mycotoxins, changing the nature of business operations for the better,” Alltech said in a release.

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Second Trial Affirms FarrPro Haven Reduces Piglet Pre-Wean Mortality by 20%

FarrPro, an Iowa based ag tech startup, has released the results of a second independent trial of their Haven housing system, which was conducted at a commercial breed to wean facility in Illinois by Carthage Innovative Swine Solutions (CISS), the research division of Carthage Veterinary Service, Ltd (CVS). The results showed reductions in both prewean mortality (20.6 %) and energy use (68%) compared to the heat lamp control, according to a company release.

The CISS trial followed a 2019 pilot study conducted by researchers from Iowa State University (ISU) at a commercial breed to wean facility in Ogden, Iowa. The ISU study results were published in the scientific journal Animals last November and showed pre-wean mortality was reduced by 20% and energy use by nearly 50% over the heat lamp control.

“I have witnessed many worthy innovations for pig housing in my 35+ years of conducting research in this field and I can honestly say without question that the Haven product developed by FARRPRO is at the top in terms of innovation and the prospect for game changing farrowing room productivity. These recent findings, I believe, will propel the Haven system into a standard farrowing room item in the near future,” Dr. Steven Hoff, retired Emeritus Professor of Agriculture & Biosystems Engineering, ASABE Fellow at Iowa State University, said in the release.

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