Company News: The Maschhoffs, Smithfield, Elanco Foundation and Zinpro

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The Maschhoffs Welcome Gerry Daignault, Vice President Support Operations

The Maschhoffs recently welcomed St. Louis native Gerry Daignault as vice president of Support Operations, according to a company release.

Daignault was born and raised in Ferguson, MO, and graduated from University of Missouri St. Louis with a bachelor’s degree in finance. He then worked at Purina as director of finance for the Eastern half of the U.S. And after 15 years at Purina, he became CFO for PM Ag Products Inc., an animal-nutrition business, the release states.

From there, Daignault expanded his swine knowledge as he moved into the genetic improvement sector with Newsham Hybrids, before becoming CFO of PIC. He is a co-founder of Spectrum Agribusiness and spent the last five years as CEO of Double L Group, which creates ventilation and flooring for swine and poultry.

“We are extremely excited Gerry joined the team. He brings a vast amount of experience, operational excellence and a passion for people” said The Maschhoffs CEO Bradley Wolter in the release.

“I’ve always had a lot of respect and admiration for The Maschhoffs,” Daignault said in the release. “When you consider the business that Ken, Julie, Dave and Karen have built, it’s pretty amazing. I’m honored to be a part of this company.”

Smithfield Foods Supports Communities During COVID-19 Response with More Than $3 Million in Donations and Launch of “Good Food Challenge” 

Smithfield Foods has announced more than $3 million in cash and in-kind donations, including four million servings of protein, to support communities across America during the country’s response to COVID-19. As part of the donations, Smithfield and its family of brands have launched the "Good Food Challenge” to aid Feeding America and its nationwide network of food banks according to a company release.

The challenge invites the public to join Smithfield and its brands in supporting Feeding America and its network of more than 200 food banks across the country. It has a goal of $1 million in additional donations, and this campaign will provide up to 10 million meals to aid food banks in this time of increased needs, the release said. In a time with school and business closures and a sharply rising unemployment, rate food banks are essential to feeding millions of people that rely on food assistance programs every day.

“During these challenging times for our country and fellow Americans, Smithfield is taking a multipronged approach to respond to COVID-19. In addition to supporting our more than 40,000 U.S. employees on our farms and in our facilities, thousands of family farmers and other partners in our supply chain, we also have a responsibility to help our communities as we weather this health and economic storm together. No American should go without food, not ever, and certainly not now,” said Keira Lombardo, executive vice president, Corporate Affairs and Compliance for Smithfield Foods, in the release.


The Elanco Foundation Announces Efforts to Support Food Security Amidst COVID-19 Crisis

The recently-formed Elanco Foundation has pledged more than $700,000 to help fight rising food insecurity challenges due to the novel coronavirus outbreak. The funds will support organizations and food banks in communities across Elanco Animal Health’s footprint, including Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana, the European Food Banks Federation and food banks in Winslow, Maine, Ft. Dodge, Iowa, Clinton, Ind., the Kansas City area, and Greenfield, Ind. Communities, according to a foundation release.

 “In this time of uncertainty, the health and well-being of our employees, customers, animals and the communities where we operate are our top priority,” said Jeff Simmons, Elanco president and CEO, in the release. “Such an unprecedented time underscores the critical importance of a safe, affordable food supply, particularly meat, milk and eggs. And the needs are growing. There is no better time than during an urgent philanthropic need to launch our newly created Elanco Foundation to deliver on our promise of health by increasing access to healthy animal protein for all people. We challenge everyone to help us ‘fill the banks.’”

 “The COVID-19 outbreak, both globally and in our own backyard, is making food access difficult for many families,” said Kristin Bloink, Board chair of the Elanco Foundation, and vice president, Global Research and External Innovation at Elanco, in the release. “Because the Elanco Foundation is dedicated to two causes – food security and human-animal bond – we knew we needed to find a way to help the communities where we work and live during this unprecedented time.”

In Indiana, where Elanco’s global headquarters are located, the company is leading a coalition to raise $1.6M to feed 10,000 families with children in the Indianapolis Public School (IPS) system for the next eight weeks. Eight in 10 IPS kids struggle with food security. Through the efforts of Gleaners Food Bank, buses are delivering emergency food boxes to a variety of IPS locations. The funds from Elanco Foundation will meet food needs for about 2,500 IPS families over the next eight weeks, the release said.


Zinpro Corporation Produces Animated Video to Differentiate its Unique Trace Mineral Absorption and Metabolic Pathway

Zinpro Corporation has produced an animated video — Take the Proven Path — to educate the industry about the difference in trace mineral absorption and metabolism and why Zinpro Performance Minerals® are in a class all their own, according to a company release.

To be utilized efficiently by an animal, trace minerals need to be water-soluble, stable to stomach pH, absorbable and metabolically available. Take the Proven Path demonstrates how a unique, standalone class of trace minerals from Zinpro — performance trace minerals — is more efficiently absorbed and utilized, maximizing animal wellness and genetic potential, the release says.

The absorption pathway utilized by inorganic and ordinary organic trace minerals can be blocked by other minerals and antagonists, preventing efficient absorption by the small intestine. Zinpro Performance Minerals are bonded to amino acids which have been found by Zinpro, and confirmed by University researchers, to allow the minerals to follow an alternative pathway — via amino acid transporters — for uptake from the small intestine into the intestinal cells. This means farmers and nutritionists can achieve peak animal performance by using a combination of inorganic trace minerals and Zinpro Performance Minerals. This allows for utilization of both the inorganic transporters and the amino acid transporters, as well as two different metabolic pathways post-absorption, the release says.

“In a world with increasing consumer demands and animal nutrition requirements, animal producers need to maintain a profitable operation while keeping sustainability and animal wellness at the forefront,” said Dr. Peter Stark, director of product development, Zinpro Corporation, in the release. “Performance trace minerals are scientifically proven to enhance every aspect of animal performance and wellness more than inorganic trace minerals and other sources of organic trace minerals — while producing less waste and improving sustainability.”

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