Company News: M. Hyo Manual Update and Disease Mitigation Technology

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Zoetis Releases Update of M. Hyo Manual

Zoetis has released an update of its manual, “A Contemporary Review of Mycoplasma Hyopneumoniae Control Strategies,” a 62-page booklet with 14 articles developed by swine-disease experts specializing in this pathogen, according to a company release.The revised booklet features an updated section on breeding-herd classifications and an entirely new section on fogging for controlled exposure to Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae (M. hyo).

Mycoplasma pneumonia, also known as enzootic pneumonia, is a prevalent and costly disease caused by Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae (M. hyo). It damages the cilia, or tiny hairs that line pigs’ upper respiratory airyways, the disease exposes the respiratory tract to bacterial and viral infections and coinfections by other pathogens, the release says.

“Respiratory infection caused by M. hyo has been a well-known feature of swine production for decades,” said Lucina Galina Pantoja, DVM, PhD, director, U.S. Pork Technical Services, Zoetis, in the release. “Despite a long acquaintance with M. hyo and its principal clinical manifestation, enzootic pneumonia (EP), some gaps in our understanding of the disease and its control still remain, and new information on diagnosis and management of M. hyo infection has emerged.”

“The purpose of this review is to provide a comprehensive update on M. hyo,” she added.

The manual is structured as a five-step approach for managing M. hyo in the production setting, including:
1. Establishing herd status classification criteria for breeding herds
2. Diagnosis of infection
3. Risk management
4. Control measures
5. Monitoring intervention strategies

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Disease Spread Mitigation Technology Now Available for Pork and Poultry Production Networks

Farm Health Guardian™, a new real-time disease mitigation technology platform, is now available for pork and poultry producers and integrators throughout North America, Europe and the United Kingdom. Brought to market by Be Seen Be Safe Ltd., the system accurately and quickly tracks and shuts down disease spread within minutes of the first report of disease symptoms, a company release says.

The Farm Health Guardian patented system tracks and records all movement in and out of production facilities in real time, providing fast, easy, confidential ways to record all staff, visitor and vehicle movement. The system uses multiple technologies to record this movement, including an app for contactless digital pre-screening, paperless check-in, vehicle passport and GPS tracking. The system was tested and proven effective by Maple Leaf Agri-Foods, the release says.

“Farm Health Guardian has provided our business with a platform to manage our farm movements and provide excellent and timely trace back abilities and communication in our Farm system,” Jonathan Sawatzky VP, Maple Leaf Agri-Farms Manufacturing, says in the release.

“The Farm Health Guardian system is the first complete disease spread mitigation platform of its kind,” says Tim Nelson, Founder and President, Be Seen Be Safe, in the release. “Quick and efficient disease containment is critical to the safety and sustainability of the livestock and poultry industry and the people who work within it. Even with the best individual farm biosecurity protocols, livestock and poultry systems are vulnerable to the devastation that disease outbreaks can cause. With this proven technology we are able to reduce the impact throughout the production network by containing an outbreak before it spreads.”  

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