Company News: BioZyme® Inc., Central Life Sciences

( Alison Fulton, Farm Journal's PORK )

Central Life Sciences Announces Approval of ClariFly® Larvicide 267 Pro for Gestating Sow Diets

ClariFly® Larvicide 267 has received approval for a new feeding rate for gestating sow diets. ClariFly® Larvicide 267 is a feed supplement that prevents nuisance and disease-spreading flies from developing in and emerging from the manure of treated swine. The lowered inclusion rate of 0.7 lbs. of ClariFly® Larvicide 267 per ton of feed was designed for limit-based feeding and will require less of the product to be administered to achieve fly control. 

Central Life Sciences partnered with Iowa State University and Grant Allison, DVM, at the Walcott (Iowa) Veterinary Clinic on a 2018 study that confirmed a groundbreaking revelation for the swine industry—flies can infect pigs with diseases including PEDV and Senecavirus A. Following the study, Allison recommended that swine operations implement comprehensive fly-control programs, beginning with a feed-through larvicide such as ClariFly® Larvicide 267.

Unlike conventional insecticides that attack the nervous system of insects through direct toxicity, ClariFly® Larvicide 267 instead works by interrupting the fly’s life cycle. When mixed into swine feed, it passes through the pig’s digestive system and disrupts the normal molting process of fly larvae, preventing the emergence of adult flies by as much as 96.7%.

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Cesar Ocasio Joins International Team at BioZyme® Inc.

Cesar Ocasio has accepted the position of Regional Business and Innovation Manager with BioZyme® Inc.’s growing International Team.
In his role, he will provide technical and commercial support to BioZyme’s partners and clients in Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia, while continuing to expand their list of partners and promoting the use of BioZyme’s additives in different countries around the world. He will also have the opportunity to contribute and be involved in the development of new ideas and research that will help continue understanding the benefits that the products offer.
Ocasio earned his Ph.D. in Agro-Environmental Technology for Sustainable Agriculture from the Polytechnic University of Madrid in April 2018. He has spent the last four years working in animal nutrition, studying possible functional ingredients that can promote animal health. He completed his bachelor's and master's degree at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez University Campus in the Department of Animal Science.
In 2017, he spent 12 months studying at the Institute of Animal Nutrition and Physiology of the Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel, Germany. There, he had the opportunity to learn new techniques and the German language, which allowed him to continue broadening and diversifying his scientific knowledge.
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