Comedy Video Pokes Fun at Misleading Non-GMO, Natural Food Labels

5/22/18 NMPF Responds To Funny Or Die Video
A new video on Funny Or Die will have you laughing about the absurd food labels that are found at the grocery store. ( Funny Or Die )

If you've walked through the grocery store you've probably seen the marketing spin of food labels. “Non-GMO,” “gluten free,” “natural,” “organic” and “vegan” are just a few of the buzz words found on food and beverages at the supermarket.

A new video on Funny Or Die is poking fun at the absurdity of deceptive food labeling. The video was launched on the popular comedy video website on May 9 through a partnership with Peel Back the Label. (Watch the video below or visit Funny Or Die)

In the video a food company executive named George is having trouble selling his milk and he goes to a marketing person named Marty to help move his product.

“George, calm down. Your milk is GMO free,” Marty says.

“But all milk is GMO free,” George replies.

“You know it, and I know it, but no one else does. So here's the plan. We're gonna put a label on it, GMO free,” Marty explains.

From there the two visit “the most confusing place in the world,” a grocery store. They chat with consumers and listen in on conversations about food labels that are pretty hilarious.

The Peel Back the Label campaign was launched last year by American dairy farmers through the National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF). The hope of the campaign is to expose deceptive advertising in the food marketing and help better inform consumers.

“Anyone who has ever been to the grocery store knows the feeling of being manipulated when faced with dozens of labels all saying different things about the same types of products. With this video, we shine a spotlight – in a decidedly tongue-in-cheek way – on just how difficult some food companies are making grocery shopping, something which should be a simple and straightforward endeavor for consumers,” says Jim Mulhern, president of NMPF.

In April, Peel Back the Label pointed out that three dairy companies were using tactics to put fear into consumers over the use of GMOs. It is hoped that the video will help share that similar message with consumers in more fun and engaging way.

“The scenes portrayed in this video will hit close to home for consumers because it’s what we all experience every day at the grocery store. It’s gotten ridiculous out there, and it’s time for food companies to stop trying to hype their products with meaningless distinctions,” Mulhern says.

Watch the video below: