China's Xiamen Airlines Puts Pork Back on the Menu after ASF Concern

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A “misunderstanding” by China’s Xiamen Airlines resulted in a short-lived ban on serving pork on flights. Xiamen Airlines resumed serving pork on flights on Saturday after its catering department misunderstood the measures being taken to tackle African swine fever (ASF), the deadly disease sweeping China’s pig herd, a Reuters article said.

The airline, a unit of state-owned China Southern Airlines Co Ltd, released a statement that said, “Our company has comprehensively verified that all pork products purchased by Xiamen Airlines have passed the quarantine inspection of relevant departments and meet food safety standards.”

ASF continues to spread rapidly through the world’s biggest hog herd, with more than 70 cases reported across Chinese farms since early August. New cases were reported on the outskirts of Beijing on Friday, and it has also been detected in Shanghai.

Beijing banned transportation of live animals from infected regions to slow the spread of the disease, but the effort has left some areas with an oversupply of pigs and heavy losses for farmers.

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