China: ASF Strikes, Top Feed Producer Constructs Pig Farm in Vietnam

Market hogs ( Jo Windmann )

A new case of African swine fever (ASF) headlines newspapers in China as the country’s top feed producer, New Hope Liuhe, completes construction at its first pig farm overseas.

New Hope Liuhe announced on Sunday that construction of its first overseas pig farm in Vietnam was complete. According to Reuters, the feed producer said they saw potential demand growth in a major market devastated by a severe ASF outbreak.

New Hope Liuhe has invested in three pig farms in Vietnam to date. The newly completed pig farm in Binh Phuoc province has an annual production of 300,000 pigs. It is expected to start getting pigs in November and expand to include an inventory of 13,500 Hypor-breed sows produced by Holland’s Hendrix Genetics. 

ASF has now spread to 61 of Vietnam’s 63 provinces since it was first detected in February 2019. Vietnam has culled 13% of its pig herd, or 4 million pigs, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development reports.

“For pig farming, every disease is both a challenge and an opportunity. Similar to what is happening in China, African swine fever disease will accelerate the consolidation of the pig farming sector,” says Liu Zhong, general manager of New Hope Liuhe’s overseas pig sector.

The Binh Phuoc farm is equipped with multi-layered sanitization and disinfection systems and animal waste treatment facilities worth $3 million, all part of its upgraded biosecurity efforts.
In addition, the company plans to build a feed mill on site to reduce the risk of exposing feed to viruses in the open air and during transport.

New Hope Liuhe has solid experience in preventing ASF in China that can be easily applied as it expands into pig production overseas, Liu says.

The new farms expand their company’s reach in Southeast Asia on top of its existing eight feed firms in Vietnam, which sold more than 700,000 metric tons of feed last year.

New Hope’s goal is to be among the top three producers in the world’s top pig herd by 2022, Reuters reports.

ASF outbreak in Yunnan
China’s agriculture ministry confirmed a new outbreak in the southwestern province of Yunnan on Monday. This outbreak took place on a farm of 120 pigs near Zhaotong city in the northeast of the province, killing 26 pigs.

ASF is a deadly disease that affects pigs only. It does not affect humans and poses no risk to food safety. For more information, visit

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