Cell-Based/Cultured Foods Alliance Formed

Cell-based/cultured chicken from Memphis Meats. ( Memphis Meats )

Five start-up food companies marketing cell-based/cultured meat, poultry and seafood have formed the Alliance for Meat, Poultry & Seafood Innovation (AMPS Innovation), a coalition focused on educating consumers and stakeholders about their new industry and advocating for a clear path to market for their products.

In a statement announcing the new alliance, AMPS Innovation said, “Cell-based/cultured meat, poultry and seafood is real meat grown outside the animal, directly from animal cells. This means the companies are able to produce only the muscle, fat, skin and connective tissue that is typically eaten, without producing other parts of the animal that are not traditionally consumed. Cell-based/cultured meat is real meat, not a vegan/vegetarian meat alternative.”

• BlueNalu and Finless Foods, makers of cell-based/cultured seafood;

• Fork & Goode and JUST, makers of  cell-based/cultured meat and poultry; and

• Memphis Meats, which is making cell-based/cultured meat, poultry and seafood.

“Members of AMPS Innovation understand that cell-based/cultured meat, poultry and seafood is one solution that will help fulfill the increased demand for meat as the global population grows to 10 billion people by 2050,” the statement from AMPS Alliance said. “Member companies also expect their process to provide significant benefits for the environment, animal welfare and public health.”

The five member companies said they are currently in the research and development phase and expect to have products available in the next several years, “through appropriate regulatory pathways.”

The companies said consumers want clear and transparent information about these products, and that AMPS Innovation “aims to provide a central, unified resource for consumers, stakeholders and policymakers as their industry advances.”

The companies CEOs said they are “committed to an open and science-based dialogue with all stakeholders, including industry partners, policymakers, advocates and consumers.”

AMPS Innovation said it intends to engage policymakers and stakeholders to educate them on their products in addition to working with Congress, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Food and Drug Administration as they continue to build out a regulatory framework for meat, poultry and seafood that is grown directly from animal cells, rather than harvested from the animals themselves.

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