Canadian Pork Producers Welcome Federal Funding for Meat Sector

( National Pork Board and the Pork Checkoff )

Source: Canadian Pork Council

Canadian pork producers welcomed the funding allocated to the Canadian Meat Council on behalf of the Canadian meat industry announced this morning by Member of Parliament Chris Bittle.

“The Canadian Pork Council would like to thank the federal government and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada for the AgriMarketing funding that will allow us to further build relationships encouraging trade, diversifying markets and removing barriers” said Rick Bergmann, Canadian Pork Council Chair. 

Along with the Canadian Meat Council and the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association, the Canadian Pork Council will benefit from the funds allocated by the federal government in the development and participation in international missions and activities for better trade access and policy development. 

International trade and access to key markets are of utmost importance to Canadian pork producers as 70% of production is exported. In turn, trade supports 103,000 Canadian jobs and $23.8 billion dollars in economic activity for the country.

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