Can We Expect Agribusiness Job Growth?

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By Bonnie Johnson,

It’s a promising outlook for agricultural job growth in 2019. Each year, surveys employers for the U.S. Agribusiness HR Review about their human resource practices. One of the key indicators for employment outlook are responses to the question, “Do you expect your workforce size to change over the next two years?” The majority of respondents expect their workforce to grow.

There was an increase in companies that believed workforce size would grow, up 14% to 64% in 2018. In contrast, there was a decrease of 14% of those that said their workforce numbers would stay the same. 
A formal growth strategy was the primary reason for an anticipated increase in workforce needs. A significant number of companies also noted natural growth as a reason. Twenty percent of American participants referenced acquisition and merger activity associated with this increase. 

Workforce Size Changes

More than 30% of respondents said their company expects to fill between 10 and 50 job openings in the next 12 months. The most significant factor influencing workforce planning needs was voluntary turnover, followed by retirements, and recruitment difficulties. asked employers about the most pressing human resource challenges today. In this competitive labor market, it was natural to learn that the largest concern for HR teams was the competition for talent and recruiting difficulties. found that agribusinesses were struggling with a few challenges in agricultural recruitment, primarily candidates lack the required skills to perform the job. Secondly, most open positions are seeing a low number of applications from all sources. This was evident through the numerous methods that orgs utilized to find talent, another area that tracks on an annual basis. 

Most Concerning HR Matters

To learn more about the changes uncovered in recruitment, retention and attraction strategies, download your copy of the full U.S. 2018-2019 Agribusiness HR Review. You may also watch an overview of trends discovered in the HR Review with our complimentary on-demand webinars. 


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