Brumm Speaks Out: World Pork Expo thoughts

As I prepare this week for several presentations to various foreign visitors coming to the U.S. for the World Pork Expo, I'm thinking about Expo. I think most people attend Expo for two reasons.

The primary reason - it is THE place to meet and greet those involved in the U.S. pork industry. This includes suppliers (the obvious reason for Expo), slaughter plant buyers (they have a huge interest in production trends), producers, advisors, lenders, etc. I've already arranged several meetings with clients and others for the two days I will be attending.

The second reason many have for attending expo is to see/touch 'new' technology. It is always interesting to me to what it being offered by vendors as the latest and greatest technology.

While I don't have specific insights as to what might be offered by vendors, one technology I'm following with interest is the evolution of the ventilation controllers used in U.S. production facilities.

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