Bill Goldberg pushes Chew On This Tour

DES MOINES, Iowa -- Coming to your town this year is the Chew On This Tour.

It's a joint promotion from Elanco Animal Health, Greenfield, Ind., and Nutra Blend LLC, Neosho, Mo., a feed company for livestock, poultry and pets, with the mission "to spread the word about food safety and quality, and to advocate for the use of technology in food production on the Drive to Feed to the World."

The companies drive a tractor trailer to various locations, feed people pulled pork, and show consumers a video about the benefits of conventional agriculture and help dispel the myths propagated by industry foes.

Bill Goldberg, celebrity and former championship professional wrestler and football player, serves as the spokesman for the effort and addressed the media June 6 at World Pork Expo in Des Moines.

"I can reach as many people as they can," Goldberg said about anti-agriculture activists.

He said this was a mission he feels strongly about, as so many Americans struggle to get enough nutritious food.

Nutra Blend's Randy Shanks said the tour started on the West Coast in February and has been on college campuses and state fairs in the Midwest this spring. He said in addition to feeding people and showing them the video, the group is collecting surveys to see if consumers" attitudes changed regarding conventional agriculture.

Grady Bishop, director of U.S. Swine Operations for Elanco, said the tour not only provides facts, but it uses Goldberg's personality to appeal to people's emotions.

"We need to appeal to people's emotions because it's an emotional issue," Bishop said.

The tour's website is