Bill Even Discusses the Pork Checkoff’s Important History

Bill Even 3
Telling your agriculture story has never been more important. ( PORK )

As CEO of the National Pork Board, Bill Even and his dedicated staff deal with challenges every day. Earlier this year, Farm Journal’s PORK editor JoAnn Alumbaugh was able to catch Even and others between crises. She visited with him about the industry in general and priorities for the Pork Board in the coming months.

Even talked about the history of the Pork Checkoff, and the valuable role it has played over the years in helping promote pork. But now, he hopes producers will take a more proactive role in telling consumers about the sustainable practices they use to protect the environment, and the care they take in raising their pigs.

“We’re giving them the tools to help them accomplish that task,” he says.

When asked what he appreciates most about working with pork producers, he emphasizes their willingness to work tirelessly on behalf of their industry, and how they can be counted on to “show up.”

Watch the video above for Even's call to action.