ASPCA Promotes Its ‘Factory Farm Detox’ Campaign

Cattle grazing ( USDA )

The ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) has announced its second Factory Farm Detox, a campaign it hopes will encourage Americans to “eliminate factory-farmed foods” during a week-long consumer challenge. ASPCA wants consumers instead to choose what it calls “more humane and sustainable alternatives.” ASPCA says those alternatives have “meaningful welfare certification and plant-based products.”

ASPCA and other activist groups continue to push an agenda claiming traditional farming and ranching practices promote animal abuse and damage the environment. Many such claims are made without evidence.

In a news release, ASPCA said, “This January, consumers are encouraged to participate in a Monday-through-Sunday detox during the week of their choosing—joining a community of advocates who are fed up with the animal cruelty, pollution and injustices occurring on factory farms.”

The Factory Farm Detox was created to raise awareness about what ASPCA calls “the negative impacts of the industrial operations that raise over 95 percent of farm animals across the U.S. in unacceptable conditions not aligned with consumers' values.”

"Every food purchase is a vote for how animals should be raised, and consumers have the power to show that there is no market for farm animal cruelty," said Kara Shannon, Senior Manager, ASPCA Farm Animal Welfare Department. "The Factory Farm Detox provides consumers with the tools to make informed purchases, cutting through misleading claims and helping people support farmers who are actually raising animals in more humane systems."

ASPCA says Factory Farm Detox participants will receive the following guidelines:

•            A text-based helpline staffed by animal welfare experts to help you find more humane food

•            Label guides for meat, eggs and dairy and a list of welfare-certified brands

•            Encouraging emails with guidance along the way

•            Discussion starters, shopping tips and help for dining out